Nature is my muse. My artistic passion is to shine a light on how to harmonize nature with man-made structures. Being alive in the 21st century, I am ever aware of humanity’s impact upon the earth. I hold a view that we have a sacred relationship with the earth, and that by emphasizing the importance of respecting the source of all our materials, I can communicate a profoundly wise tradition in a contemporary display.

Rather than overcome or eliminate nature’s chaotic perfection, I seek to blend the elegance of carefully crafted shapes with the rawness of nature’s untamed elements. Knowing that there are creative solutions to the circumstances we face, it is my message that our time is telling us to merge the technological breakthroughs with the world we were given.

To accomplish this, I establish the sculptures upon bases of rough stones. I seamlessly apply meticulously crafted shapes—sometimes precariously balanced as is so much of life—upon their powerful foundations. The integration of the two disparate materials provokes a fascination from viewers. In the way mountain temples in Tibet have intrigued throngs of visitors who annually visit the site, the visible challenge of the artistic achievement elicits a peaceful recognition of the human capacity to create beauty and elegance.  

 I begin by studying the natural shapes from which my sculptures are born. Taking stones etched by time I use their dense masses as a foundation, so that I am able to explore the delicate balance of our world. The resulting combination subtly exposes successful ways to greet the challenge of sustainability.

By contrasting the Hudson River Valley’s ice-age remnants with the refined craftsmanship of manufactured materials, I shape emerging structures of power and grace. Unlike Michelangelo’s prisoners which are bound in marble, my sculptures connect seamlessly to their earthly origins and elicit the marvel of how well a cooperative relationship can be made between the raw marvel of the earth’s billions of years and our short tenure of civilization. What we perceive as clean design is the veritable simplification of our ability to co-create. I rely upon nature’s sacred qualities using its rough perfection to support the structures I can add to it.

Contending with the impact of human construction on the natural world is the challenge in which I create. More than any time in history, we are required to change the paradigm of exploiting the world for immediate gratification into a balanced approach to living in a cooperative manner with our planet. We can no more give up our ways of life and revert to the purely primitive lifestyle of our prehistoric ancestors, or even the indigenous tribes who once inhabited this land.

 We must move from where we are into a new model of the future, one in which we find sustainable ways to live cooperatively with the resources and changes happening to the world. My sculptures express a balancing interplay between the shapes and materials of the natural world with the angles and planes of man’s reworking of those elements.