My work stems from a deep reverence for the natural world. Nature possesses a sanity that is lacking in the domesticated world; it is our connection to the enigma of existence. The paradoxes found in nature are also present in the human condition: Beauty and cruelty, nurturance and brutality, eternity and mortality. As I witness futile destruction at the hand of humanity, I carry a deep grief for the planet, and I strive to create art that honors the natural world that humankind is methodically destroying.

My primary medium is wood. As a former carpenter and furniture maker, my woodworking skills are highly refined, and my sculptures reflect sensitivity toward structural integrity, the balance of positive and negative space, scale and proportion, and a consideration of the environment in which the work exists. Beyond skill and technique, creating finely crafted sculpture involves the heart. The hand of the artist is the link between skill and feeling, intelligence and intuition.

My work explores issues of environment, psychology, and ancestry. I create sculptures that appear to have been excavated from a past civilization, and this permits me to portray an alternative view of the contemporary world. Everything that I construct - architectural structures, timeless weapons, ritual objects, and ceremonial sites - is devised to deepen our connection with nature. They are my attempts to understand the human condition, and the destruction brought about by our darker tendencies.

Much of my work attempts to touch the psyche of the viewer, both conceptually and aesthetically. “Shamanic Weapons” intervenes and transforms delusions of identity, “Meltdown” speaks to the urgent need to acknowledge climate change, the “Burden Boat Project” ignites the healing power of community, “Nature Based Sculptures” emanates the harmony found in our natural world, and finally, “Urban Structures” honor the detritus of the culture that we destroy as we build an uncertain future.

The negligence of humankind has drastically accelerated the evolution of the planet.  For our survival, technology must be balanced with love, and the mind must be balanced with the heart. Our future existence depends on a radically different way of engaging with life, and I strive to create work that offers hope for a sustainable future.