Shamanic weapons are intended to battle the struggles in the human psyche that we all carry to some degree. These are tools to help us go down and into the dark scary recesses within ourselves to face ours demons with a warrior’s stance, and a willingness  to take on the truth of our inner shadow selves. Armed with a weapon, we carry an ally in knowing others are fighting this very same battle and we are not alone.

Ultimately we realize that until we battle the inner conflicts we will find external conflicts in our lives to project these battles and our lives will be filled with conflict and unhappiness.

As the world becomes more complex and it becomes ever more difficult to know what or who to believe, it is becoming more important to know ourselves and learn to trust our own intuition.

Having a physical interaction with the weapons either by seeing them in a room or actually handling them and even the fact that images would be of an actual three dimensional object will give one a physical reference to the weapons.  This bodily orientation paired with a detailed description of the use of the weapon will lead to a mind-body connection with the weapon.

The description of how the weapon is to be used, what it is meant to battle and what the impact the battle may reward will be a fully realized description and also have room for the participant to add their own variations and incites. These descriptions could evolve into full chapters or even books as an online community could ultimately expand, refine with experiential descriptions.